Now that February is here and everyone is well settled into the new year, you are probably finalising your goals and plans for 2012.  As a quick review before sign off, it might be worth double checking the following checklist:

1)    Is your goal specific and concise?  The clearer your goal is, the easier it will be to know if you can achieve it.

2)    Is your goal measurable?  It’s great to have big, overarching plans, but if you don’t express your goal in quantifiable terms (eg contact 3 potential customers each week) it may be difficult to know if you have reached it.

3)    Have you anticipated any major problems and sketched a solution for each?  The solutions don’t have to be very indepth, but being aware of potential problems may help avert them.

4)    Do you have a work plan for achieving each major step?  Again, this does not have to be very detailed, but it will keep the project on track, especially if completion dates are agreed and tasks are clearly delegated.

5)    Do your line managers / supervisors know what their plan is?  Each employee’s plan must fit into the whole for the business and staff should have an understanding of how the plans fit together. 

Having a clear work plan for the year will help guide and hopefully grow your businessin 2012.