It's a novelty these days to find someone who doesn't have a smart phone or tablet somewhere about their person, and it's vital for anyone with a small business to make the most effective use of all the tools in their posession.  Below are a few apps and tools which might make your work life easier
  1. Evernote – this handy little gizmo lets you record notes, websites, images and more, then sync them to your phone, laptop and any other devices you use on a regular basis.  
  2. Bump – and if you decide you want update your LinkedIn profile before connecting with a potential new business  partner, you can simply exchange business cards with this handy little app.  It allows you to share contacts by simply bumping your phone with your contact!
  3. Toggl – timesheets can make for head-scratching moments, wondering what exactly you were doing for that hour between 11 and 12 last Tuesday a week ago.  Toggl is a very hand gadget that can sit on your desktop or on your smart phone/ tablet allowing you to track where you were and what you were doing.
  4. Locale – we’ve all had our phone ring at a crucial moment in a meeting when it should have been on silent and then forgotten to turn on the ringer when we got home, missing calls we wanted to take.  Locale allows your phone to reset itself based on your location, so you don’t have to worry about changing your ringer volume or turning on your wi-fi to pick up your email.
  5. TripIt – when you’re travelling it can be difficult to keep track of your flight details, itinerary, hotel booking and car rental details.  Having all your details in one place can be a lifesaver, and with a useful smartphone app, you can have it all there in your hand with TripIt.